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Houghton County Modernizes Vitals Recording With APEX
Houghton County's new recording software modernizes application process for marriage licenses.

In partnership with Fidlar Technologies, Houghton County has brought unmatched ease-of-use into the hands of county residents. With the updated technology APEX provides, county residents can expect a far more streamlined experience when applying for marriage licenses.

Houghton County residents can now begin applying for marriage licenses from the comfort of their home, on any internet-connected device. With APEX's step-by-step application process, you'll have your application finalized before you ever set foot in the county office. Once there, you'll just need to verify information with your county official, greatly reducing time required at the office. APEX streamlined process is perfect for this day and age, with less physical interaction between residents and the county office. The online application process greatly reduces the time residents spend at the office and interact directly with the employees, reducing risks for anyone involved.

APEX also allows county residents to apply for notary licenses online with the same ease and efficiency as marriage license applications. APEX improves the ability to scan old documents to make them more readily available for employees to get records to residents in a timely manner. This also benefits those with their Doing Business As (DBA) documents, where the process to send out renewals to customers is now quicker and more accurate, making sure every business receives proper notice for their renewals. APEX also works well with the state vital records software, helping your county to manage that data in an organized and easy-to-understand manner. If the state makes any changes, APEX will continue to help ensure that the information sent and received is recorded accurately.

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Houghton County Modernizes Vitals Recording With APEX

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