Clerk: Genealogy

Houghton County Clerk
Houghton County Courthouse
2nd Floor
401 E. Houghton Ave.
Houghton, MI 49931

906-482-1150 [Phone]
906-483-0364 [FAX]


Monday - Friday:
8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

NOTE: Effective July 11, 2023, the County Clerk's Office will not process any money transactions after 4:00 p.m.

Staff & Contacts

Jennifer Kelly
County Clerk

Renee Cunningham
Chief Deputy County Clerk

Teresa Poyhonen
Deputy Senior Accounts Processor

Ann Anderton
Deputy Senior Accounts Processor


Deaths: 1867 to present-Index starting 1911
Marriage: 1855 to present-All indexed

Marriage Records

Available from 1867 to present-Indexed all
Public record

Death Records

Available from 1867 to present-Index starting 1911
Public record

Birth Records

Available from 1867 to present-Index starting 1893

An heir may apply for a copy of a birth record LESS than 100 years old if provided:

  • Evidence the person is deceased (i.e. Death certificate)

  • Photo I.D. is required

A birth record OVER 100 years old are no longer restricted and can be requested by anyone.


$5.00 per day, which gives access for independent searches for marriage and death records.

Certified copies-$10 for the first copy, $3 for additional copies of same record.

$2 for any records you search. If we have to type the record, the fee is $10. Example of records we would type: Birth and Death records prior to 1934.

Searches done by staff are $10 for each record (for a non-indexed search a $10 fee is charged for every three (3) years we search, the year given, the year preceding and the year following.)

Schedule An Appointment

Please contact our office to make an appointment to use the computers and books for genealogy.